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Vital organ for Detox is:

It’s possible to eating minimally on a detox plan.

The ideal is a modified fast that includes eating only raw foods and drinking a natural therapy i.e. a cleanse drink that include various supplements, several times per day. This type of fasting cleansing – as practiced at Alice Lodge - assists in establishing a healthy eating plan without putting the metabolism into shock

Boost healing and begin a whole body detox with gentle aerobic exercise ;

This can help the body eliminate harmful toxins and help lose weight.Detoxification offers enormous benefits to counter the frenetic pace of life in this second decade of the new millennium. A natural detox helps power-up the detoxification system that exists in the human body. After a detox diet, ongoing benefit can be can be reinforced with support; by giving the body the correct nutrition.Our Detox Lodge recommends a twice-yearly 5-day whole body detox. You’ll live a longer and happier life

Free and Natural Ways to Detoxify Your Body

Take the first steps to better health by eating fresh, whole foods prepared at home. Find substitutes for favourites e.g. herbal tea in place of coffee. Water remains the ultimate detoxifier as all major organs require water to function properly, especially the liver. Liver cleansing diets are again key.

The most vital component of the digestive tract THE COLON absorbs life-sustaining nutrients and water from the food we eat and expels wastes and impurities. A healthy colon will completely eliminate feces, toxins, parasites, bacteria, and dead cells.

Intestinal toxins are the primary and contributing causes disorders and diseases of the body." Like include fatigue, headaches, lower back pain, bloating, weight gain, digestive problems, and acne.

"Cleaning out" of the colon and digestive tract not only lowers the amount of toxins in the body, and allows the body to better use important nutrients found in foods.

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