Detox Dates and Rates

ALICE DETOX LODGE can now offer a more personally suited detox for the individual budget.
THE PREMIER SELECTION, which we have done  for  many years includes:

Accommodation / detox food/ liver cleanse / smoothies / soups / broths / Green juices.
Fibres and other detox protocols / all treatments including massages, ozone.
Far infrared, heavy metal removal, Oxi bath, sound room, meditations.
5 nights/ 6 days: daily discussions on any topic or meditations.


25 to 30 September

23 to 28 October

20 to 25 November

New ones later.
Arrival around 10h in the morning
Departure Sunday before 12h.

CEO Véronique Fraise outlines the new programmes:

After years of detoxing clients- and myself-  after many years of researching and discovering new therapies and re-examining the old ways- it has all came down to the rationalization : not to eat!

Our human condition is made to fast.
Our forefathers, within their various religions and spiritual directions, all prescribed fasting.
As you know that  we eat far to much. At least 50% more than we require.
And eating results in the spending of energy for the subsequent necessary digestion.
More we eat, more we are tired.

To have an healthy colon we have to eat lots of fibers.
But today, in our food chain, fibers are 70% less than we use to have.
Fruits have up to 17% more sugar than we use to have.
Fruits and vegetables contain pesticides.
Meat, fish and poultry contain chemical additives.
Processed food contain harmful preservatives.

It is vital to clean the colon and the liver regularly.
A clean colon strengthen the immune system.

We have the choice to correctly nurture our body, to choose wisely and consume organic food where possible. There is enough info in the internet and sufficient consciousness within us to discover how best to handle these issues successfully, which directly concern the very essence of our humanity and longevity.

During 6 days and 5 night of detox at ADL, we aim to deliver the ultimate, and this despite reducing the tariff.

On arrival, you will have a briefing and check up.
Once settled in your room, you will have a colon flush to drink, which take 2 hours to remove as much as possible from your colon.
Then only can you start the cleansing drink, which are to be taken every 3 hours.

The next day you will have a body salt scrub.
The skin is the third organ of elimination and has to be very clean.
We do not give massages anymore, as one has to saturate the skin with oil and this is now deemed to be a no-go in term of 2018 protocol.

For those who need it, a organic vegetable broth will be available on demand from 10h to 18h.

A fruit purée or green juice will be served in your room in the morning.

From the moment you wake up you will start your cleansing drink and 3 times a day another detoxifying protocol.

Veronique will be checking on you at all time, speaking with you about whatever you want to know and that she can share.

The advantages of this 2018 detox is that not only will your colon be totally cleansed, but that the liver will reset itself to its pure and natural function, in 4 days.

We have conducted a number of such fasts and they have proven extraordinary results.
This is the way, Veronique now wishes her clientèle to experience the ADL protocol.

The cost for the detox is R 16.000 to be paid in full prior to your arrival.
It is preferred that a deposit be made to confirm your booking.


Advise will be given concerning  re-entering your life style after your detox.
Discussions will be held at your leisure and Veronique will remain hand-on at all times.
Please note that it will be preferable for you to bring your own WiFi device for your internet and calls, this should be VODACOM which is the only tower in close proximity.
Television has a negative effect on the state of mind and morale, so it would be better to a avoid saturating your body and mind further with what made you decide to detox!

It will be Veronique pleasure to introduce you to meditation.
It’s benefits, it’s healing power and it’s simplicity.
Your body mind organism is your pet, cherish it.
Who you really are is another story.

083 625 1717 Directions will be given by another mail.
ADL is not far from Lanseria Airport in Johannesburg.

A shuttle can be organized.

With love and care

Terms and Conditions of Payment:

After confirmation of availability, we require a non-refundable deposit of R3000 in order to secure your booking for treatment. Until this is received your booking is unconfirmed.

You will receive an invoice by e mail for the balance of your treatment and payment must be made by EFT to Alice Detox Lodge 4 weeks before your course commences. Failing this, we reserve the right to cancel the booking.

Payment must please be made in SA Rands to the banking details supplied to you by e mail. Please make sure you use your name as a reference so that we can identify your EFT payment.


Less that 3 weeks prior to commencement no refund.

Between 3 to 8 weeks prior - 60% of total cost.

Upwards of 12 weeks prior 50% of the deposit.


Alice Detox Lodge will make every effort to place clients in a future treatment programme. Note that 2 months notice is requested.




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ACCOUNT NUMBER : 1469-186012


NEDBANK GLOBAL: 011-4958911

For emergency Contact Veronique 0836251717

Please  fax your proof of payment to:


Veronique Fraise

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