The Diet Farm

ALICE DETOX LODGE aka (also known as) ‘the Diet Farm’

Once at the lodge for the 6 day body cleanse, our guests will only ingest what we harvest in our very own vegetable garden.

The diet consists of only raw food.

Kelp and spinach are dehydrated for a potato crisp-like flavour and texture; we prepare Aubergine in a similar method to emulate the flavour of biltong. Butternut and broccoli are cut in small pieces and blended with seasoning into soups and a variety of different dishes;  and combined seeds become homemade flat bread.  

We freshly prepare stimulating  green drinks to help alkalize the blood, all produce and ingredients are grown on Alice Detox Diet Farm. Throughout the day our staff are consistently juicing various ingredients including apples and other fruit, cucumbers, herbs and green leaves rich in fibres, enzymes, anti-oxidants, sodium, magnesium and potassium amongst others.

Our fruits are sourced from neighbouring Organic holdings whose owners / farmers dedicate their lives to the harvesting of authentic organic produce.
While detoxing, the cells of our bodies respond better to food harvested nearby.
This alludes to energy frequencies and/ or simply the love that surrounds us,  and is generated within our community.

Away from the big city life, our guests will, within a few hours after arrival, already feel relaxed, serene and free of tension. However,  we ask you to enjoy our splendid smoothies, plus vegetable broth, and a raw dinner before bed. You will relish these simple but nutritional menus!

Yes, Alice Detox Lodge is really becoming the unique Diet Farm that the owner had dreamed of when she started her business.

The lesson?

Nothing happens like magic.  Patience, love, dedication and education are all required to progress from the original thought to the total accomplishment.

Organic farming is a very rewarding occupation, but it can be sobering sometimes to see the products destroyed by insects or animals overnight.

Only God knows why.

So, sometimes we have to start again. Learn new methods, monitor our crops more carefully. With rememberance and effort we get it right.

I apply these experiences to my life.

Hope,  joy –  staying positive  – always.