Frequently asked questions

What does the price include?

It includes everything. Unless you need to book more massages for your own pleasure - the therapist may be paid in cash or by IT / EFT.


It is a very special detox / health Spa, but not with the conventional treatments. We do not handle hairdressing / nails / facials - beauty treatments  etc.

Our therapy rooms were created to ensure the oxygenation of the body. This will involve the removal of toxins by mean of the FAR-infrared cabin and ozone sauna / oxygen bath / ozone bath / massage / floatation tank.You will stay at a home-away-from home to embark on this treatment and diet. It is very difficult to do this at home.

Am I going to be hungry?

We don’t think so. Clients are rarely hungry; yet if you are we have special foods to take in between the cleansing drink.  It all depends on the individual,  but we remain ready and able to make your stay enjoyable.

I am allergic to.............................

We are all allergic to something in today’s world; yet, a detox program will actually assist in reducing most allergies.Just let us know in advance if you are allergic to butter.
What must I bring?

Very casual clothes, gym gear - if you intend to work out, swimming costumes, hat, walking shoes - if you intend to walk in the bush. Books and everything you never had time to do. We have an art studio where you can discover your talent, or simply carry on your projects.

Do you have Internet?

Yes, we do have our own Wi-Fi network; the operating code will be given to you on arrival.
PS: We only receive VODACOM cellphone reception, if you are with another network, buy a Vodacom card for the length of your visit.

Can I bring my prescribed medicines?

Yes, but ask your doctor for permission to detox if you have had any cardiac problem / diabetes / depression.

How many kilos can I lose?

You are going to lose mass ranging from 4 to 7 kg. The main weight-loss will come from the residues emitted from the colon. Once the colon is cleansed, your metabolism will be enhanced, as will the nutritional values of food taken ongoing.

Why don’t you show your whereabouts?

We do not give the exact location for security reasons. We will send you a map and GPS co-ordinates, once the deposit has been made. Note that we are situated 15 minutes from Lanseria Airport, off the R 512.

Do you do colonic irrigation?

No we do not. The colon will be cleansed by mean of drinking the herbal shakes five times per day. This is a slower process, but less arduous and much safer.  Colonic detox is done at the end of your stay, to help remove any gallstones remaining in the intestines and colon.
Can I bring my own vitamins and supplements?

Yes, but please note that Vitamin C will destroy the ozone in your body. So it could be taken at night, 4 to 6 hours after the oxygen treatments.

A detox can be much longer, why do you do it in 5 days?

What we can achieve in five days is to cleanse the colon, liver, pancreas and skin.Because of this unique diet / treatment, it is guaranteed that you will expel the toxic matter within the colon. If not, we will keep you longer at no extra charge.Images will prove the efficacy. One could say that the treasure hunt will begin!

The Colon

The colon is the large intestine and the last section of our digestive system It’s job is to dry, process and eliminate the waste left after the small intestine has absorbed the nutrients in food. The colon is about 3 to 5 ft (80cm) long and 1.5 inches (3cm) in diameter.

What are possible reactions to the detox?

The cleanse is helping your body get rid of many toxins. By scraping out the toxins, some may be released and absorbed into your body. Some of the reactions you might experience because of this are: headaches, itching, tiredness, body odour among others. This is only temporary and should pass quickly as your system becomes cleaner. People who have never cleansed in their life usually feel such side effects to be more pronounced than those who have been cleansing regularly. Think of it like washing your car − if you haven’t washed your car in years, the water is going to be really dirty and your cloths will have the side effect of also getting dirty. But if you wash your car once a month after your last wash, everything will be much cleaner, including the towels.
Should I change my diet after the detox?
It is recommended that you eat and drink healthy choices after the cleanse to obtain the full effect.  Plenty of vegetables and water, and lean proteins such as chicken and fish. However, do what is comfortable for you.

How much fluid should I drink while detoxifying?

Staying hydrated is of utmost importance while on the cleanse. When taking your colon cleanse shake, you should immediately follow it up with another 250 ml of water. In addition to this, most people benefit from drinking an additional 8 glasses of water throughout the day, or more if you are highly active. At ADL, we utilize water (Sole Water) which has a high alkalinity property.
How should I expect to feel during the detox?

Each person is different. Some people don’t notice much of a change until after the program is over, while others may feel more energetic during the cleanse. You will feel tired as detoxifying is a shock to the body. In case you get hungry, we will give you a detox diet. Mainly in liquid form to assist in digestion.
Will I be running to the bathroom all the time?

Not all the time, but your bathroom frequency will increase over what it is normally This is the body’s way to clean the colon, liver, pancreas and gall bladder; gently and effectively.

Would I feel bloated while detoxifying?

The shake expands quickly after mixing. This expansion continues in your intestinal tract, filling all the nooks and crannies to reach all the toxic build-up areas. This swelling of the formulation in your digestive tract might cause you to feel full, or bloated. This is not a negative factor. The bloating will slowly reduce, as kgs of waste are expelled from your body. After 5 days you’ll be cleansed and any bloating should completely disappear, leaving you with an even flatter belly than when you started.

Will I experience weight loss?

Many on the program have experienced weight loss. Yet, please keep in mind that this is not a weight-loss program and should not be used as one. However, one of the benefits of a cleanse is releasing toxins and waste that you have been carrying for a while. Once you have expelled this waste, you might notice an immediate change in your weight i.e. upon completing the program. The colon cleanse also clears out the toxic fecal matter that clings to your colon walls, allowing your body to use nutrients more effectively, increasing your energy levels, and this may lead to a more active lifestyle, and to further weight loss.
When will I start to see toxic fecal matter?

Depending on many factors, some users can see the waste product in as little as 24 hours, while others may not see it until a few days later. Not everybody shows the same waste product, but this doesn’t mean you’re not being cleansed. The first day you arrive, you have a transit test to do; from this we will know what to expect.

I have health problems. Can I still take the cleanse?

Please consult with your physician before taking any supplements, if you have health problems.

I am on medication. Can I still take the cleanse?

It still possible to take the cleanse while on medication, however please consult with your physician before. 
If I’m on medication when should I take the cleanse?
If you are on medication and your physician gave you his/her approval to start the cleanse , make sure you take your medication at least 2 hours before or after taking a colon cleanse shake.
Which drugs may interact with the cleanse?
Anticoagulant Medication
Antiplatelet Medication
Antihypertensive Medication
Diuretic Medications
Heart Medications
Insulin Medications
NB: This may not be a complete list of drugs which may or may not interact with the cleanse. Consult your physician for further information**
What is Bentonite?

Bentonite is a safe, natural clay used for thousands of years. When ingested, bentonite attracts toxins to itself and it is capable of absorbing more than 30 times its weight in toxins, including heavy metals. People taking Bentonite clay have claimed to experience incredible results with all kinds of ailments. You will take bentonite15 minutes before the cleansing drink.

What is Psyllium?

Psyllium is a fiber that absorbs toxins by scrubbing the intestinal walls and moving this waste through the colon. This is the basis of the fibres that you will drink.

How should I take the parasite cleanse along with the colon cleanse?

We recommend you take the parasites  cleanse for 15 days, before you come to ADL.  The cleanse will rid your body of many  parasites and worms. After the detox, back at home, you will start the natural Probiotic, to re-establish the healthy intestinal flora..

Images of what to expect.                                                        

Now you know the story.This gentle cleanse will get rid of all the stored toxins in every little fold there is!

The entire 25 feet length of the intestine will be removed of toxic matters after a detox.

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