Detoxification Leads to Weight Loss

How Detoxification Leads to Weight Loss

Weight loss is an important benefit of the detoxification  process. Unlike calorie-counting programs, detoxification diets encourage you to eat certain foods that will help to gently shed body toxins and other problematic elements in the system. Body cleansing diets helps the system get rid of what it doesn't need; as you detox naturally.

These elements can cause weight gain because they inhibit liver function. The liver filters out harmful chemicals in the system which – through modern-day lifestyle - is bombarded with harmful chemicals on a regular basis. The liver becomes overtaxed and doesn't operate efficiently.

The liver is also responsible for metabolizing fat and, if  overtaxed through poor diet, will cause the body to store fat more rapidly. This excess fat - stored as energy - is unable to be utilised and, as a result, weight is gained that is difficult to shed. A liver cleansing diet is paramount.

Understanding this process, it's easy to see why a toxic diet will cause weight gain. Detoxifying your body enables the organs to efficiently use the energy gained during meals. Natural weight loss occurs because the liver is processing food correctly and not storing calories as fat. The key is in finding the right type of detoxification diet to enable liver cleansing and - in the holistic sense - a total body cleanse.

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