Rationale behind natural detox

Natural detoxing

Detoxification is vitally important to health but is often not fully understood. Centuries ago, health masters in the East understood the importance of balancing and detoxifying the body with herbal body cleansing. It's something that Western medicine is only beginning to understand.

Why is detoxification important?

Detoxification is a process by which toxic elements are removed from the body in order to restore natural health. Our bodies undergo various levels of trauma throughout daily existence; toxins and free radicals affect organs, the skin and overall well-being. Exposure to harsh chemicals - plus the ingestion of harmful food ingredients - are other elements that can combine to cause body toxin to increase.

There are other contributors: tobacco, acidic foods, caffeine, junk food and carbonated soft drinks; all harmful to health on various levels when used / consumed consistently. These accumulative elements pollute the system and can cause a wide range of problems including weight gain, memory loss  and immune system default.

Natural liver cleansing, colon detox diet, deep tissue massage and quantum healing can be combined in a single holistic detox; a natural cleanse that the body accomplishes on its own, under normal circumstances. Poor diet and a stressful lifestyle further requires you to detoxify your body efficiently.

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