African River Detox Lodge

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Alice Detox Lodge is unique in many ways. First off, it’s a unique location, on a global scale – on that crescent of flowing river – it’s very special.

The Cleansing treatments are equally unique, presented and delivered with professional skill and dedication. Clients are cared for in a manner not easily found today. It’s beyond 5-star.


Why should you experience this specific cleansing program of alternative treatments?

Importantly, it’s all in the same place, STRESS-FREE, in a unique spa retreat.

It’s so much easier to do it this way, in a home away from home. Here, you are looked after, guided at all times, nurtured - or left alone to contemplate yourself  and go within - without guilt, duties or distractions.

We are the only detox retreat in South Africa, (as far as we know), to offer such a unique body cleanse. The energy and ambiance of the lodge, the flow of the river, the caress of the willow branches, will look after your inner soul. This very unique atmosphere will be instantly appreciated  and is the first ‘natural treatment’ in our detox program.

This project began with our personal needs of the time, and resulted in us wanting to share the extraordinary results that the detoxification diet can provide.

The existing spectrum of wellness centres and spa treatments in our area was too diversified and required different treatments in different places. Today, at this unique detox retreat we are able to offer a full body detox; one-stop healing.

It involves a high level of homeopathic remedies and researches, combined with digital, scientific discoveries; and these are ongoing in this evolving innovative awareness for total body cleansing.

But it is here, at this very special spa retreat, that we encourage clients to listen to their bodies. Our body can tell us what to do but is not often listened to so we seek to guide you into a new world of wellness, of natural remedies and sciences for cleansing detoxification. An all-embracing knowledge to holistic health.

It is with us that you will reclaim the new YOU. Apart from dieting joyfully and in tranquil surrounds, you will reconnect with nature, with the universe (in our Orgone energy accumulator). The result will be the best nights’ sleeps in decade, as has been recorded by our clientele.

This is also a meditation retreat and we can offer vital guidelines in meditation, leading to the philosophy of how best to handle life and its stresses. Meditation comes naturally here at Detox Lodge, through a sort of ‘contemplativeness’, it is the NOW.

You may have heard about this but not understood what it means - here, you will.

The wellness cabins at the Lodge are the best world-wide, and they will deliver a total body cleanse in 5 days, finishing on the 6th day with the introduction of fruits and vegetables, harvested at this wellness retreat. Note that all product should be organic at the dedicated detox spa, Alice Detox Lodge follows suit.

In season, your first meal after the program will be of vegetables grown on the land, cooked gently by our sun-stove, weather permitting.

During your stay, you will decide at what time you require a treatment. Your resting mind is what we deem vitally important. We would like you to disconnect from the concrete jungles of daily existence as much as possible.

To be nurtured instead of nurturing, while experiencing a full body detox, has to be a memorable experience.

Lastly, the love, care and passion of our small yet dedicated team is an eye-opening experience. YOU WILL FEEL TOTALLY AT HOME. The staff are so dedicated to your every needs that at times they seem psychic, in anticipating guest’s needs.  

All is gentle here. From our homeopathic remedies, to our massage therapist and detox diet and occasional natural cooking.

Eckhart Tolle said:

‘We are all responsible for the creation of our health’