Detox Treatments

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Detox Treatments

On arrival, you are briefed about body cleansing programs in a splendid dining room - the spiritual church of the house – or outside on the adjoining terrace.

The diet cleanse is the first. the primordial treatment.

Every step is outlined and you will have the first cleansing drink, following our timing and procedure. Nothing is left to chance.

Cleansing drinks are taken every 3 hours. These consist of a powerful powdered fibre mix, barley green and other natural treatments. This liquid fast is quite filling.

Supplements containing several beneficial health nutrients are also provided.

The colon, liver, kidneys and skin will be nurtured with two state-of-the-art health cabins and special herbal baths, which assist in speeding up the removal of toxic matter.

A pretty basket is filled with all your need for 5 days. It seems shocking to survive on such a small basket, but they are never handed back empty.

We are constantly present to remind you of the scheduled detox program. We will serve you several time a day with a detox tea made of Artimesia afra (for parasites cleanse), Honey bush tea and Rooibos tea - all South African.

You will not feel hungry during the detox cleanse. There are no temptations around you, only the herb and vegetable garden.  The body gets into the healing mode and actually, as if thanking you, does not push the ‘hunger button’.  The body seems to realise that it has these few days to heal and it will not disturb you with hunger pangs. 

Everything is considered to help you relax and you may trust us that the natural colon cleanser is gentle, smooth, calming and relaxing.

To see with your own eyes the toxic waste that you carry with you can be overwhelming, but this is what will engineer body change. On completion of this anti-purification program, the entire mass of encrusted faecal (hard, black and rubbery) material is dislodged and passes out. As a result, the body is totally renewed and can function at its optimum.

In between those flushing moments, we will teach you how to reach an alkaline blood state, where no disease can thrive.

The water station will help you learn to reconstruct water to perfection. We have recently invented a device to make our water very happy. If you are happy here, it will be the proof of our sense of humour and dedication.

Anyway, we must be doing something right as the ambience here is ecstatic. So - rest, sleep, sweat, contemplate and breathe deeply - you will reclaim your being, every hour.

During the day you will be enjoying sessions in our health cabins to further activate the removal of body toxins. View the in-room DVD for info. Know that your body will carry on detoxifying for about two weeks after the program.

Take it easy afterwards. When you leave us you won‘t be alone, we will update you on our future blog on our new website, and will refer you to our suppliers and therapists in various centres.  You will remain informed because we are here to try to spread the word of being healthy and responsible of our beings. Our lives are being manipulated, intoxicated and poisoned. But we can fight back.

Drinking of alcohol is of course not permitted as it will interfere with the liver function during detoxification and can cause severe sickness. Drugs are similarly of great danger in the detox process.


The ozone sauna is of upmost importance during your stay at ADL. According to the state of your health, we  will have you in the ‘Pod’ likely daily. Ozone is known to be vital in detoxification programs and is a powerful therapeutic tool for curing disease. Ozone has the ability to kill any virus or bacteria known to man. It is safe but must be handled carefully. (ADL is a member of the South African Ozone Association).

Ozone enhances the circulation, stimulates oxygen’s metabolism, dissolves malignant tumours, relaxes and loosens muscles by reducing the build up of lactic acid. It cleans arteries, softens the skin, removes the toxins taxing the liver and kidneys and can be beneficial in the treatment of HIV AIDS.

Applying ozone in your life constitutes a radical change of life-style.

After a session, you will feel clean and fresh. The therapists are knowledgeable and gentle with the procedure.


At Alice – a unique detox lodge - we use the ultimate cabin. The Austrian-made Physiotherm  Health and Fitness Cabin.

The positive effect of perspiration has long been known to ancient civilisations. It encourages blood flow and improves the metabolic process, boosts the circulation, aids the removal of toxins and assists with cell renewal. With the Physiotherm cabin, perspiration begins at temperatures of only 30 degrees to 40 degrees. This infusion of warmth does the body great benefit – further, the soul will sparkle with well being.

The secret is the ceramic tubes filled with lava sand. Even at low temperatures, these tubes have an amazing effect and create a totally natural heat that penetrates gently into the skin. In the cabin, perspiration occurs through warmth, spreading deeply and evenly into the body – up to 4.5cm.

Programs are led by our therapist. At any time this can be increased / decreased, i.e. altered to suit the individual user. The cabin includes aromatherapy, light therapy, and sound therapy.


This resulted from an indulgence of the owner of Alice Lodge.She enjoys meditation, up to  two hours uninterrupted. She added a sound system and meditated with Buddhist chants.

Improvements followed: splitters - sharing the superb sound of an I-pod with ear phones -  monk bowls and gongs, a comfortable lounger, throws, red velvet curtains, dimmed red light, organizers for accessories and candles.

She investigated the American methodology of sound therapy, and learned the use of the ‘mind machine’. In this system there are 23 programs to choose from. Here the user can get in touch with music that heals, helps one dream and can make you cry. Music resonates and vibrates in the cellular system. Take time to listen to music, not just hear it.

The sound room is the place to listen to what suits you - in the dark, at full volume or softly.  Paraliminal and subliminal CDs can be chosen according to what the individual might require.

Meta-music is more than music. It incorporates evocative sounds and specially blended Hemi-Sync frequencies to guide the user into a focused, whole-brain state of consciousness.

The Subliminal CDs have been processed to deliver a high saturation of up to 2000 clear messages per hour. You consciously do not hear these messages, as they are embedded in the music. It is said that if you choose what you want to hear about yourself, you will become what you hear.


As this is a radical session, one herbal bath will be given during the 5-day program. It’s an experience as far as the mood, the scent, and the secret recipe of the ingredients are concerned.

In this dark room, illuminated by a soupcon of blue light, and scented candles, the body will first be scrubbed with the gentle touch of an organza pouch, filled with freshly brewed oats and rosemary;  before immersion in the bath.

The warm water will have been magnetized and ozonised.  We add floating petals from our rose garden, and bubble the water with an ozone bath carpet; calm and serenity results. The natural herbs harvested on the land release natural harmony and wellbeing through 30 to 40 minutes of peace. The bath helps to regulate the activity of more than 325 enzymes and performs a vital role in orchestrating many bodily functions; from muscle control and electrical impulses to energy production and the elimination of harmful toxins.

Everyone will experience an increased magnesium level from soaking in this bath, enriched with magnesium sulphate crystals. These bath salts help heal the body faster and sleep productivity will increase.

Magnesium sulphates are widely used to re-charge the human body and assist the physical aspect of the body to repair or heal itself.


Once during the program guests can take a session of 40 minutes in the Professional  Mineralizer unit.

The mineralizer uses a low-voltage direct current to separate the water molecules in the body into positive and negative ions, which then pass through the body, attach to and neutralizing oppositely charged particles. The composition of the water gives the current the ability to travel through the skin of the feet, which is only 4mm thick, into the human body which conducts electricity. It helps remove heavy metals in the body and is highly recommended.


Once during the program, hopefully on a beautiful day, guests are pampered with a neck and back massage by the river-front, in a unique gazebo. The only music is that of the flowing river and its birdlife.

The gazebo is decorated for that special day with a Kelim carpet, roses and a comfortable massage table, pillows and organic oils for the massage. Our therapist,  has  magic energy in her hands and this experience is memorable. You will enjoy her lively nature and professionalism.

Would you require more massage treatments, please book with our therapist. She has a list of treatments that we can e-mail to you to choose extra massage sessions.


This is a life-time wonder, inculcated in Veronique Fraise by her father. 40 years later, she met a man who understood the theory and proposed to build the accumulator.

The Orgone Energy Accumulator is a cabin that accumulates Orgone energy  -  which exists  around us and within us, on clear days.

It was Dr Wilhem Reich, MD, who found the way to concentrate this life energy in the accumulator. Once charged, (by galactical energy)  the user sits in the cabin and meditates, while the body replenishes  its own vital bio-energy. Orgone energy strengthens the body’s own energy field, which improves health and well-being, by increasing vitality, relieving the effect of stress, enhancing the immune system, reducing pain and helping the body to repair.

As far as we know, we are the only detox lodge to offer one to have this accumulator in South Africa. Keep it secret because we believe in it. We had to measure the radio / magnetic / electric fields in our property before erecting the cabin. It is located exactly where we have the best non-toxic spot in the valley.

Extra Detoxification Treatments



Rory is an expert, trained in the USA, on Brain State Conditioning technology therapy. He has helped in life-changing experiences.

Book with him, personally on his website, as he would have to travel to the lodge from Cape Town. His requirements is to have 3 clients for the intensive training.


or call on: +27 76 454 2920