Detoxification Activities

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At Alice Detox Lodge you will definitely walk, sleep, swim, tan and relax.

Remember that the detoxification of the body is a shock to the system. We do not recommend strenuous exercise. It is hard work for the body, as your liver will be straining to keep up with pressure to eliminate waste and toxins.


At the detox lodge, we have a full air-conditioned gym (with bathroom) at your disposal with all the Pilates requirements. It is locate on the riverside, with all the facilities: weights, elastic bands, mirrors, Pilates balls and rowing machine - enjoy it without excess!

If you require instruction, we can provide a coach. Free of charge.

As the property is located on a horseshoe following the river, the three swimming pools have different moods and depth. One is ozonised and its jets will sooth any muscular discomfort.

Loungers, beautiful towels, sun screens and parasols are provided.


We can arrange Tai Chi with our master, Sifu Mannie Barstz, once a week.

The lesson is more than one hour; classes are held on the river front lawns and are an experience not to be missed. Sifu Mannie teaches you to reconnect with the universe, with his relaxing instruction.

Advise in advance should you require TaiChi as we must bbook him in advance.


Guests may take part in an introduction to various any art forms, at anytime.

The owner is a fine art artist who has had a number of exhibitions and paints under the name Cigale. She enjoys oil painting as a medium and will teach guests to employ this medium in a few hours, sharing her life experience concerning the intricacies of using oil paint.

We have wood sculpting facilities. It is relaxing and invigorating to discover, within a piece of drift-wood, your creativity and sensitivity. A very addictive hobby (as recorder by previous clientele), masters are in the making at the detox lodge.


To stay at this detox lodge will trigger a natural need of contemplation. From there, it will be easy to understand the goal of meditating, and trying to apply it ongoing.

It can be done in the sound room, helped by the Buddhist chants, the Um.

DVD’s / Library

We have at your disposal a good spectrum of movies, and our personal library .

Watching a happy movie makes you well for 6 hours and if you have your laptop, you may use it for watching DVDs from the comfort of your own bedroom suite. And mainly if we have power failure.

A generator is being sourced to obviate Eskom failures.

Bring very casual clothing. Swimming gear.  Hats. Umbrellas are provided for rainstorms outside.

Light jerseys can be worn in the Gauteng Summer evenings.

We have a fully equipped laundry and all necessary services.

A 5-day detox here leaves you feeling literally renewed. It’s a twice-yearly necessity for me.

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