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Detox Lodge

Alice Detox Lodge is an African retreat nestled in 30ha of the spectacular Rhenosterspruit Nature Reserve in Gauteng, South Africa, where peace and tranquility feed your every breath.

Just 15 minutes from Lanseria Airport, this river lodge is perfectly located, offering  alternative health for a total body cleanse in a luxurious home away from home, and for regaining inner energy through colon-cleansing detoxification.

The gentle sound of the Jukskei River will remove tension, while the architecture at this detox spa engenders the impression that you have stepped into a scene from a romantic novel. The ambiance of this holistic health spa will make the journey of cleaning the colon, the liver, skin and kidneys the smoothest in the country.

Having had to heal ourselves a few years ago, we were concerned by the fact that we were driving long distances to source various treatments. So, it was a foregone conclusion that we introduce these treatments in our own health retreat. At Alice Detox Lodge , we experienced trials and errors, testing many different cleansing programs. Finally, we were enjoying such great health that we had family and friends visiting for a detoxification program.

The entire Alice Detox Lodge cleansing program has been polished to perfection, concerning the herbal diets and the combination of ancient traditions with modern science. Different protocols have been applied lately to cater for the different health wellness issues of our clientele.

Our cleansing program consists of a colon cleanse through a diet made of colon cleansing herbs, that one has to drink 5 times a day. Powerful fibre mixes, barley green and others colon cleansing foods are a vital part of detox cleansing; liver detox is an integrated program.

Supplements containing several beneficial health nutrients are also provided. The colon, liver, kidneys and skin will be nurtured by this detox cleanse and with the  state-of-the-art health cabins and our special mineralized and magnetized herbal bath, will assists in speeding up the removal of toxic matters. The program is for 5 nights /  6 days.

A healthy weight loss is definitely expected. Some of our clients have lost over 6 kg during their stay.

We are always on hand to remind you, and guide you to enjoy this privileged time that you have awarded yourself; to engender natural health wellness..

This is your first step, toward holistic health.

The therapy rooms open onto a tranquil pond, which has an island where one can sit and relax with the sound of a waterfall, amid the water lilies. A pleasant place to reflect, whilst awaiting therapy.

In the therapy centre key detox treatments are prepared:

The ozonised bubble tub pulsates with the aroma of our herbal mineral infusion. It is designed to heighten the metabolism and senses.

Experience  new technologies in the sound room, with the mind machine; here, Paraliminal and Subliminal CDs will assist in balancing the psyche. Bring your personal music if you wish.

Other revelations will be revealed and we invite you to view the DVD in your room.

All guests will have their appointments synchronised, to allow as much rest as  possible.

We recommend only two daily treatments as detoxification as a detox cleanse is a mild strain on the system.

NB:  A flotation tank is being designed to own specifications, and a magnetic table will follow. These two new sessions will be incorporated before the massage therapy.

Unfortunately, Alice Detox Lodge is not wheelchair friendly – most access is by stairs and walkways.