Veronique; I sincerely thank you for a wonderful week for your generosity, kindness, advise and humour; you are a very special person who will stay with me through my life.

You have created an exceptionally unique place; my experience at Alice was amazing.  Everyone has been contacting me to ask about my detox, there is so much interest and I will recommend with confidence and I hope that I will return again sometime, thank you again for everything!

Louise Leach

From Sunny Namibia

September 2010

As a returning client, in November 2010, Alice Lodge, in its peaceful and tranquil setting is fast becoming my place of annual pilgrimage to cleanse, de-stress, heal and rejuvenate my body, spirit and mind.

On my first visit here in Dec 2009 I was recovering from a range of debilitating symptoms caused by an aggressive infestation of 2 strains of Rickettsia and 2 other intra-cellular parasites that I had picked up while backpacking in Asia. I had been on antibiotics and tetracycline for 5 months as well as a range of other adrenal support medication, supplements and vitamins. While my symptoms had improved significantly they had not been eradicated and my immune system was still extremely depleted and fatigued. The detox program complimented by the range of therapies offered at Alice, in conjunction with very knowledgeable and supportive holistic health care practitioners, gave my immune system the systemic boost it needed. When I consulted my specialist pathologist two weeks later he was amazed that my final symptoms had all but disappeared. In addition, the pathology tests and live blood analysis showed no evidence of parasite infestation. A year later my health is still 100% fine.

The benefits of my visit to Alice have been sustainable. Not only did I regain my health but I left empowered with a new awareness and understanding around how to look after my body and my health holistically and proactively. This was due to Veronique's (the owner of the detox lodge) extremely abundant sharing of her huge wealth of knowledge and experience around health and wellness. Her attention to the smallest detail and one-on-one approach makes for a very focused and individualised program. Add to this the natural beauty and comfort of the Lodge as well as the professionalism and warmth of all the staff and you have the perfect environment. 

What I learn't at Alice has lead to some big shifts and benefits in my family both in terms of lifestyle, nutrition and holistic health care practices which have been easy to incorporate into our lives. I can honestly say that my visit to Alice Lodge has changed my own and my family's life. I would strongly recommend that if you are looking for a one-of-a-kind detox lodge that you go to Alice. Having been to 2 other health spars, it is top of my list by far and I definitely intend being a regular!   

Heidi Carter

14 November 2010

November 2009
When I wanted to take my husband somewhere to rest and recuperate away from Johannesburg, someone referred me to Alice Detox Lodge. We did not know where we were going or what to expect, so, I was rather anxious.
On arrival at Alice Lodge (after 40mn drive), we were met by Veronique and her team, Umberto and Tomas. Their warm smiles and loving welcome and the magnificence of the place, immediately made us feel so welcome and relaxed- we felt at home.
The 5 days stay was more than a detox experience. It was a journey of love and healing of ourselves. The attention to details of all our needs that Veronique and her team put in during the whole process, made it so comfortable, and became an amazing adventure.
The energy and the spirit at Alice is something everyone should experience.
Come here with an open mind and an open heart and you will leave with so much healing, love and an improved you. I did.
Elinam Masekela

Dearest Veronique.
I will never be able to thank you enough for opening the way for me to unload all the garbage and rot I've been lugging around with me for the past seventy years.
Your loving guidance and gentle care, also your motherly nurturing has drastically altered the manner in which I would have spent the coming years on this earth.
I shall now be able to spend the rest of my life discarding whatever debris and dead weight I am still carrying. You have enable me to endeavour a future of clean, honest and healthy living, coupled with an absence of denial, deceit, deviousness and overindulgence.
I am grateful for the wonderful effort you have so gracefully undertaken, to introduce me to what my body is all about.
I feel extremely proud that I can leave what I have discarded for you to turn into fertilizer for the wonderful nutrition, for those who will follow us here.
God bless you.
Mr H. Masekela



The lodge was an exceptional resting place. The staff was gracious and kind. I will definitely change some habits in my life. Wine, cake, meat and think more of what I am eating. I did enjoy the DVDs in the far infrared cabin and all you told me. The treatments were fantastic, more than I expected. Adding Flexi-Bar in your gym would be perfect. ( ADL: DONE Melissa and I use it every day now, thank you)

I wish you good luck and great success!


The lodge was incredibly restful and beautiful and your staff excellent. My favourite massage was the lymphatic one, it was excellent. The cleansing drinks were a bit hard by day 4, but , Hey, it works! I was never bored as I came here to be alone. I am going to cut out red meat and chicken, more vegetables and regular cleansing.

The most interesting part of the detox was to see what came out of my body and how little we need to live off!

Anyway, thank you Veronique. You are an amazing woman and despite everything you have live through, you give yourself so generously..A good lesson for me to learn! I will come back in January.


When I arrived, it was a beautiful winter's day and felt sleepy listening to the river! After the briefing on how we have to schedule our days, I was delighted to check in my room. All is well thought about in it, and, winter gowns were laid on the bed with comfortable slippers...treatments started with a splendid skin scrub, far infrared etc.. I felt already replenished!

The days went on, Veronique always nurturing and explaining how to survive the best possible way...It was really great. I went back to London without even having been to Johannesburg as I wanted to stay longer! Thank you and so long!

Alice Lodge has been everything I hoped for. I needed a sanctuary in which to relax totally and reconnect with myself. I needed to find me again and I feel that I have. I cleared more than the rubbish in my body, I cleared the rubbish in my mind. This was only possible by being here and being surrounded by your care, dedication and love. I am very grateful to you, your husband and staff for making my stay a truly blessed one. I hope to come back again every year.

Love Jeanine

It was so beautiful, resting, and peaceful.  I was so well during the process that I keep on asking Veronique When do I  start my detox's?


Your name is not Veronique nor Alice, you are an angel (No, I love what I am doing)!

I was so apprehensive actually while driving in the bush to get to the lodge. But seeing Veronique, Umberto, Toma waiting to greet me, I immediately felt at home.

The 5 nights were so restful and to wake up in such a beautiful place, you start seeing God within you. The diet is really working and was never hungry. The initiation to understand the body's at work was fascinating ..every hour! The treatments, the massages, the detox diners as I never had, presented with so much care and love...The tray is a painting Veronique!

I will come back and will try the week without any food at all as I was never, never hungry. Thank you for your invention of having everything in one basket: ALICE.


It was so beautiful, resting, and peaceful.  I was so well during the process that I keep on asking Veronique When do I  start my detox?


My experience:

It was amazing to realise that all focus is on me, on all levels. You are busy and involved and in-tact with the whole you for the duration of the process.

My colon, my feet, my shit, my ears, my mind, my emotions, my fears, my shame.

We are sometimes so detached from our bodies. We operate with the mind and the rest must follow Time to give attention to each part that we actually need in order to operate as a whole.

This week has been a connection of all parts.The first day or 2 I felt selfish to give so much attention to myself. So many people taking care of me..

The time in the Rondo felt long. Sitting there, seating, being educated with all the DVDs. The day you put the guitar music was a breaking point. I did not know what were tears or sweat.

I giggled in the oxi-bath, rose petals, bubbles, I felt so special.

Thank you, be blessed, you do so much more than just detox.

I left, stronger, happier and proud of myself.


Dear Veronique

My husband and I, have changed our way of eating at last. We are more concerned about what goes in our mouths. The detox together made the changes easier as we applied your advices as you taught us.

We have healthy breakfasts, lunch and diners. We eat more almonds and we know why!!

We make sure our blood is alkaline and it must be as everyone around us has flu and we don't.

The week at the lodge was very easy much better than we expected! Thank you for providing such a place. Thank you to your staff. Thank you to Tandi for the superb massages. To you Veronique, your lectures, your tips, your advice's will be remembered,

See you again.