Facts Colon Detoxification

Colon Detoxification

Why should I do a colon detoxification program?

When food remains in the colon for an extended period of time, it starts to putrefy. Fermenting food residues occurs. Germs invade the food and it begins to rot within the system. This putrefaction process results in the production of toxic waste in the bloodstream.

The toxins released by the process of decay are drawn into the blood stream and, through infection in the blood stream, travel to all parts of the body. Every cell in the body becomes affected and many forms of sickness can result. Auto-intoxication becomes a powerful master over the body, robbing the inhabitant of clear thinking, discrimination, sound judgment, vitality, health, happiness and in extreme cases, loved ones.

Because the bloodstream is loaded with toxic waste, tremendous strain is placed on the liver as it attempts to purify the blood. Organs of elimination - these being the kidneys, the lungs, the skin and the bowels - will be seriously burdened as they endeavour to expel toxic waste from the body. This process of self-cleansing will also sap much of the body's available energy resources and, with time, it will lead to a continual feeling of weakness and debility.

The symptoms of this battle will manifest themselves in a multitude of ways:

* Poisoning the brain and nervous system so that we become mentally    depressed, melancholic, irritable and restless.

* It can poison the heart so that we are weak and listless.

* Burden the lungs so the breath is foul.

* Put strain on the digestive organs, so that we are bloated, belching and distressed with gas pains, diarrhoea or constipation.

* Poison the blood so the skin is sallow, blotched, inflamed and unhealthy.

* We age prematurely. We look and feel old. Joints become stiff and painful.

Should our first priority not be to cleanse the bowels and to detoxify the system?

Or should we prescribe drugs for nervousness, tranquilizers for depression, pills for the heart, powders for the stomach, and ointments for the skin?

Those who doubt the direct relation between the colon and the functioning ability of various organs in the body should consider the daring work of Sir Arbuthnot Lane, in England. He proved the relationship:

When he (surgically) removed the lower bowel from certain patients, their symptoms of arthritis / rheumatism disappeared within weeks.

It is now known that every person, whose bowels move once or less a day, is constipated and suffering from general poisoning of the body. If the bowels do not move (at least once or twice a day) the colon soon becomes a reservoir of putrefying food residues.

The individual may not understand why he / she never feels too happy, why he / she has ever-recurring colds and other infections, why they have bad skin, why their breath is never too fresh, and why they has such a desperate need of underarm deodorants.

Most people have never dreamt that fermenting food residues in the bowels could give rise to infection in such remote organs as the ankle or the ear yet, once we understand how fermentation in the colon leads to a poisoned bloodstream, we can appreciate just how easy this can occur. The organ infected is usually the weakest organ in the body, and will offer the least resistance to nature's effort to expel the toxic matter from the system.

Disease is not brought about by germs any more than garbage is brought about by flies. Where there is something that attracts flies they will multiply.

When a physical condition exists that invites germs to reproduce, then like flies, they go there to multiply.

Most are aware that if we were to leave a plate of food in a dark place for a few weeks, it would most assuredly ferment, rot and attract germs. Yet we seem to have difficulty understanding that when we choose to use refined foods, and we become constipated as the result, we are creating a situation where our food could well remain lodged in our colon, (which is a very dark and warm place) for weeks and even years. Do we believe that these food residues within us will not attract germs?

As Dr William Howard Hay is reported to have said:

'Colds are not caught, they are created with the feet under the dinner table, and in no other way'.

On completion of this purification program, the entire mass of encrusted faecal (hard, black and rubbery) material is dislodged and passes out of the body. As a result, the body is totally renewed and can function at its optimum. Body cleansing detoxification is a necessary fact of life in today’s world.

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