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Bring us someone unpolluted and he / she can stay free of charge, to teach us more.

Each of us is polluted, or being polluted. Whatever we will do to remove toxins, they will be re-installed, if discipline, knowledge, awareness, time and money are not involved.

It does cost to be aware nowadays. It costs to buy products at health shops when in need of a detoxification program.  The spectrum is so vast that choices are often hard.

We are told by different people what to eat, what to swallow. We start enthusiastically for a few days and then all is forgotten. We listen to our body very little and when we do, are inclined to act immediately, but don’t really know what to do. Indulgence takes over and consequently we retry again and again, usually to rectify digestive problems.

In the meantime your sanctuary – the body – becomes more and more intoxicated. What to do?

A body detoxification twice a year is mandatory, if one wishes to stay healthy. Pollution and daily indulgences continually strain the mechanics of the body.

It is necessary to stay focused, alert and positive and to eat energy foods.

Before a new job, wedding vows, exams, important decision-making, the body must be cleansed, listened to, to operate at its best for the new opportunities, or to handle change.

Grieving as well must be addressed as through shock, the adrenaline in the blood-stream remains  for up to 8 months.

To recover from a disease or an operation, toxins must be removed gently, to help re-create life energy.

Herbal colon cleanse - Realization

You have taken the first step, to look at Alice Detox website, to learn more about it. This is awareness. This is the beginning of your new life.

You will proceed with joy, alertness and love for yourself. You will feel within your inner energy that you are on the right path

Visiting this wellness spa to do a colon cleanse is what we call: ‘spring cleaning’.

At last you now know that you have to take the plunge; your health, your life is at stake. We are the right place in which to trust, we are the start-line of your race against toxins, for a better life.

Detoxification is about eliminating what is unnecessary.

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