Francis Fraise Water Fast

 28 DAYS WATER FAST - Francis FRAISE – March/ April 2014



In 2008 I had a total hip replacement and while having the procedure
a chronic-lymphoid-leukemia-was detected. I tried to heal it with
different alternative methods, without success. In 2011,
doctors detected a spino-cellular patch on top of my head and this was 
removed and a skin graft performed.

The post-operation tests indicated that it was malignant and that I should return to theatre to have the skull scratched, which I refused.

In January 2012, a ocular shingle returned me to hospital and the
oncologist convinced me that I must have chemotherapy for the leukemia
as my immune system was too weak and that I will incur further problems.

I started the chemo and commenced to the 4th treatment. In May 2012, a lymphoma was detected in my neck. Back on the operating table it was confirmed as cancerous and removed: a metastasis of the
cellular spino.

All went more or less fine until March 2014,when a new lymphoma was
detected in the same place on my neck.

At that moment I realised that hell was approaching, I had to
try something different.

I decided then, that my last battle against this disease would be to make a
long water fast. I contacted my sister Veronique who accepted to share
the experience with me in the detox centre, Alice Detox Lodge near Johannesburg, S. Africa.

This is an ideal place, full of positive energy, next to a river and in nature. We were both convinced that it offered the best solution. We both studied the
question on the Internet and I read the book by Alain Saury on long fasts
and watched the movie on the fast recommended by De L'estrade sur Arte.

The adventure started the 20th of March 201. The unknown was in
front of us. We were very excited.

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Journal of Francis Fraise's water fast.

20 March 2014 – Day 1

Travelling  from Reunion Island I wake up at 5h am to take the flight. I have not
eaten since the night before. I don't feel hungry but at 14h00 in the
plane I have a headache. I drink water and meditate with Zen music. My
lymphoma on my neck seems bigger. Is it an impression? I have faith in
my decision.

No going back. I repeat it to myself continuously to give me courage. Still
I have that headache. Driving back to ADL we have to stop as I need to
vomit.  Water. I feel better. I arrive in my house for the fast.
At 15h00 I lay down.

weight: 82kg
Blood pressure: 15/9
PH Urine:6,8

I lie down with an ice bag on my forehead. I meditate but the headache
intensifies. I stay put and massage my temples, this is the only way to have a bit of relief.

21 march – Day 2

I had headaches all night, but it started to go away around 4.30h am.
At 06h00 I get up

weight : 80,8kg
Blood pressure: 13/8
Pulse:  69
PH urine: 6,4

No feeling of hunger. A light headache brings me back to bed. The sun
rises and birds are singing. I take my Bible book: ‘Regeneration with a
Fast’ by Alain Saury. I still have a slight headache but it is bearable.
10h00 I have a skin scrub with salt and ozone pod for 45 mins. I rinse myself in
a stream of rain water.

14h00 - enema with clay and colloidal silver.
Rest in the bedroom. Reading and playing guitar.
18h.00 - the headache returns, I lay down and meditate with my merkaba.

Blood pressure:13/8
Pulse: 72
PH urine:6,2

22 March – Day 3

At 1h00am I feel that my skin burns slightly and I have a taste of
acetone in my mouth. I pass water and the pH is 5.8. It is the acidosis
which is stronger. I have slept from 21h00 to 1h00, had a nightmare, a
violent one and I defend the girl involved and overthrow the assailant. I take a book in the library; OSHO, ‘Inner Harmony’. The first page I open is about the discussion on cancer; death which is a Continuity of Life. This I knew already.
I am back to sleep at 2h30 and wake up at 07h00.

weight: 79,9kg
PH urine: 5,5 (how low can one go !)
Blood pressure:12/8

I have a bit of pain in my kidneys. My head is heavy. I am not hungry.
I see that my skin is getting softer. The small skin cancer spots on my hands
are disappearing. May be I am over-excited!

At 09h00 I go to the gym. I need to do some exercises to make my muscles supple. 10 minutes of bicycling, my head spins, I stop and I go to lie down on my bed and I enter my Merkaba! It's 10h00.

PH urine : 5,6
Blood pressure:12/7

I am not hungry. I read OSHO.

23 March – Day 4.

05h00 I wake up

PH urine: 5,4
Blood pressure: 12/8
Pulse: 77

I am not hungry. No dream but a lighter sleep. I read OSHO to try to
understand Life, Death and the silence.

09h00 : gym, a bit of training, soft, relaxing movements and some weight
lifting. Sauna / Far infrared for 1/2 hour and flotation tank for 1/2 hour.
From mid-day to 19h00, rest, guitar, sport on TV.

Bed time:21h55

PH urine :5,4
Blood pressure:15/10

This 4th day has not been more difficult than the first three. I am
driven by the same convictions. It breaks or it passes!

24 March - Day 5

Very light sleep. First awake at 0300h then meditation.
Weird dream.
Wake up : 0700h

Ph urine: 5.4
pulse: 80
Weight : 80
Temp : 36.2
Blood pressure : 13.6/9.1

I am not hungry and do not feel anything special. The lymphoma is
still there - same size. My face is thinner. The tummy much flatter. It
is certain that my weight should never been above 72 kg. There is
still a lot of fat on my body!

08h15: we go shopping

10h30: I tell Veronique that the lymphoma does not hurt when I put my
head up. It is real! I can feel that I have no pain in my neck. Is it
the process of the blood, which without sugar starts to attack the
cancer cells?  I hope, I hope.

We visit our live blood analysis therapist. In the blood he sees
uric acid and the red globules are tight together, glued to each
other in a gel-like, 10 point star's shape! The therapist says that
there is still too much sugar in my blood. Normally the red cells
should look like little air bubbles, floating. For him the white cells
of normal quantity. He advise me not to put anything on my skin,
no shampoo, no soap, no tooth paste. We will return in 5 days for
a further live blood analysis.

1400h:  I go walking with the dogs for 45 mins. I struggle to reach the
Top of the drive (1km) , I stop often, no energy. I go very slowly and I finish the walk I wanted to do. I come back to my room, drink a lot of water and rest.

Bed time:21h30

PH urine:5,4
Blood pressure:12/8

Still no feeling of hunger. I think about it from time to time but my
will power is perfect, mainly since I feel the lymphomas reducing.

‘Good night Francis. you doing well’ I said to myself.

25 March – Day 6

Wake up 04h10

Blood pressure: 12/8
Pulse: 69
PH urine:5,4

I did not sleep well, very lightly, had some pain in my legs that I had
to massage. Cramps in my calf muscle. Lack of magnesium surely. I did
not lose weight,  strange, always as fat! No weight- loss, odd,
where does the body finds its fuel?

I wake up at 08.35h and weigh myself.

Weight :75.3 kg. I lost 500 g between 04h30 and 08h30, strange. In the
mirror my tummy seems flatter, but for me I see myself still fat. The
more fat I have the longer I can fast. The lymphoma is as it was yesterday,
it fights on!

14.30 h: I feel more energy coming back. I go to the gym for 45 mins.
Bicycle, muscle tones etc.Far infrared for 30 mins, shower and
guitar. Tonight I stayed with my hosts and I saw them eating some pasta
and tomato sauce. The smell filled up all my dreams. I was not hungry.

Bed time :; 20h45
Blood pressure:11,5/7,5
PH urine:5,5

26 March – Day 7

Wake up 05h50

PH urine: 5,5
weight: 76,9kg
Temp: 34,2
Blood pressure:11,8/7,2
My sleep was very light like the night before. Weird sensations in my
knees, small spasms in the calf muscles but not cramps really. I have
pain in my hip's prosthesis. I can't stay on it a long time. I have used my
Zero point red laser on the lymphoma and my knees and I had less
pain. Is it a placebo effect? During the night I woke up twice to pass
water. I drank a lot during the night, may be because of the dehydration
of the previous day due to the sport and sauna I had.

Still no sensation of hunger. I am very Zen! Of course I have from time to time
some delicious images of food, my desire is to chew something. I think
this is the hardest - not chew.

The clients of Alice Detox Lodge have decided, by solidarity, to not
eat anything that they were allowed. They stopped as well to use soap,
shampoo etc..To them I say a big thanks.

I rest during the morning.
14h00 I have energy back and I rush to the gym, to Pilates and toning,
training, bicycle for  50 mins. 1/2 hourin the sauna, I sweat a lot all the
toxins,  and drink a lot of water. The funny little anecdote is that I fart
sometimes! Why when there is no fermentation? No, it is air, which can't
go up as the oesophagi door is strong.

It is 18h44, precisely with my iPad clock! I see that since this morning
I have drunk more and more water. Between midnight and 18h44 I drank 2.5 to
3 L of water and feel that it is not going to stop. I feel my body
warming up, it is fighting, nothing resists it, my body it is a bit of
God. I feel good, lighter than I have been for a very long time. I love
my fast. I feel the purification. It's not a joke, I love it.

Veronique's energy is very strong, it helps psychologically. I believe
a bit that God exists, the Qi , the other parallel dimensions. It is true
that I understand this -  even if others don't.

I am going to listen to the awakening of the night. An orchestra of
insects and many others creatures. Very beautiful.

Bed time 21h00

PH urine:5,6
Blood pressure:12/7

I drank 1L before to go to bed. The lymphoma is still visible but does
not hurt me as last week. Tingling in my calf muscles but no cramps.

27 March – Day 8.

Wake up: 04h45

PH urine:5,5
Weight: 76,5kg
Blood pressure: 11,7/7,3

I woke up twice to urinate a lot. I carry on drinking all night long,
my sleep was light but I slept better than between the 6th and 7th day.
Still not hungry. My shape is thinner but that 74 kg is still too fat
for me. The fat ratio is still to high.

Later at 10h00, I go shopping to buy some walking shoes as I want to walk
on those pink sand roads around Alice. I walked a lot in the Mall as

Back at the lodge at 14h00 I take a sauna for 35 mins. Decide to have an
enema. Surprise I still had some faecal matter to evacuate.
Rest until 19h00. Veronique dares to tell me that I stank on the 3rd day of
the fast! ‘you smelled like death,’ she told me. I personally did not
smell myself. Only for one day. She was to embarrassed to tell me.
But, I knew this was a symptom of fasting. I am still not hungry. Hunger
and the need to eat are not bonded. Food smells good and appetizing, but
I am not hungry.

Tonight my weight went up, of course it is all the water I drink. I will
see tomorrow.

I join a Osho meditation group at the Lodge.

Bed time 21h27

weight: 77kg
PH urine: 5,6
Temp: 34,9
Blood pressure: 11,7/7,3

28 March – Day 9.

Wake up 05h59

My sleep was light. 3 time to the loo. I drank 750 ml of water during
the night. It is thirst and urinating that wakes me up. I have always the
feeling of not sleeping and yawning all night long.

Blood pressure: 10,7/6,6
Pulse :78
PH urine:5,5

While weighing myself, I have the feeling of passing stools. I go, and
yes - it comes out. I will do another enema today. It is strange that the 9th day with 3 enemas, I still remove stools. There is still stuff in my colon. I
should have listened to Veronique and had a Detox of the  colon before starting this fast. But I was so impatient to start it as I thought I was
going to die. I did not listen to her. I think it is vital and I
should have done it. I am embarrassed. Before a short or long fast we
have to have a clean colon to help the immune system to heal. The small
skin cancer on my arms are drying up and are smaller. As is the lymph on
my neck.

Since the beginning of the fast I drank 17 L of water with a huge
increase for the last 3 days and have the feeling that my body is
craving for water. The urine test is 5.8.I play guitar for 2 hours.

14h10 - at the gym with my daily routine - even though I am fasting, the
exercises seem  easier. What I know is that as long as I have fat,
the liver will transform this fat into glucose to satisfy the need of
the body. I feel that I still have 7 Kg of ‘butter’ to go!
After gym, sauna and meditation and enema.  All is clear. I read Osho,  and of
course he demolishes all belief .

17h00.  I meditate the way of the Casa in Brazil at Abadania.
3 meditations today.Guitar and sleep.

Bedtime at 20.45

Ph urine:5,5
Blood pressure:10,6/6,4

I see that I drunk a lot of water today. 3L. Still no hunger. My body
finds its energy in my fat. I do not have to be worried, I still have a
lot of it!

29 March – Day 10

Wake up 03h25

Pulse: 79
Blood pressure:10,8/6,6
PH urine:5,5

I had a light sleep, without dreams. All nights are the same. The
morning went slowly, shopping for few hours. My live blood analysis is very good. Perfect even. No viruses no candida. My red cells were floating as in a
gel-like substance. They were very rounded. The therapist said that I
can improve a bit more. My idea is that as the blood has not much to carry,
it is resting. I have never seen my blood so clean. I was tired today and did nothing.

Bed time 20h26

PH urine:5,5
Blood pressure:12,2/7,5

30 March – Day 11

I woke up the first time at 03h30. I slept well between 22h00 and 03h30. I
got up stood up at 06h00.

Blood pressure:10,6/6,4
PH urine:5,5

I felt tired when I woke up, even though I thought that I slept better
than before. I stay quiet until 14h30. I went to gym for 45 mins, sauna
for 30 mins. I drink a lot. I am always thirsty. I often lick a piece a
coarse Himalayan salt/ I think that it must do good to have some natural
minerals.  I do it 2 or 3 time a day. Of course, I am not hungry.

Bed time 21h14

weight: 75,3kg
PH urine:5,5
Blood pressure:10,5/6,6

Strange that my weight is still the same. I will see tomorrow. The body
has its own reasons, that our reasoning does not understand!

31 March – Day 12

I always have the feeling that I did not sleep deeply, even though the
time passes. I am not tired but I would love to have a deep sleep. It
is said that during a fast, the sleep is very light. I can confirm this.
I carry on drinking during the night. At least 750 ml.

Wake up : 04h15

Stay quiet until I wake again at 05h30

Blood pressure:11/6,4
PH urine:5,5

7 kg lost in 11 days. Average is 636g per day. If I do a prognosis 
for the 10 days left I should still lose 5 to 6kg. At the end I
should weight 67kg. We will see. Still no need to eat. The lymphoma is
still there to remind me of my battle and to reinforce my decision to
do the 21 days water fast. Today I am starting to use an electric
impulse device to built the muscles of my back.

We went shopping between 10h00 and 14h00. I went to gym for 55 mins, using
more weights and doing more repetitive movements. The doctor does not want
me to do because all energy should be for healing. But I feel better doing
it and knowing my blood is circulating makes me happy. Sauna for 50 mins. A bit of guitar and rest.

Bed time: 22h00.

PH urine:5,6
Blood pressure:11/6,4

This was another day where the body resists. I do not have any calorie
to survive on if it is not my fat. I move and use the gym and sweat and the
weight stays the same. I must remember that I drink at least 3 L/day = 3 Kg!

1st April- Day 13

Wake up 05h26

Blood pressure:10,9/6,3
PH urine:5,8

I slept much better with my new pillow. I woke up twice to pee and
drank 1/2 L water during the night. I dreamed that I was eating a piece of
bread, I try to vomit it! The lymphoma is still there but has
decreased. I am still not hungry.

Meditation, guitar, a bit of time in the workshop and at 15h00 in the gym
as usual. Today, I did 15 mn of biking. Sauna, meditation and rest. The
skin cancer spots on my skin are drying slowly. Luckily I took pictures of
them and I can compare. My tummy rumbles, I drink 3L/day. The lymphoma
is still there, the size of a date. It was like a small banana. It is
less stretched and more supple under my jaw. I am surprised to pass
some gas. Iwill do an enema tomorrow.

Bed time 21:39hr

PH urine: 5 ( the lowest ever.)
Weight : The scale does not work!
Blood pressure:10,7/6,2
Temp: 35,1

I am still not hungry at all. My body uses my fat. Good.

2 april – Day 14

Wake up: 05h51

Very light sleep. I woke up once to pee but drank a lot of water. I
have dreams of violence. I was a type of commando who attacks a bandits
camp in Asia. I must have killed 100 drug traffic guys with a automatic
gun, which would not stop firing. I was in a state of Olympic form and
jumping like Jacky Chan.

PH urine:5,3
Blood pressure:10,1/5,9

 I saw this morning that those skin cancer spot are drying faster. At a
certain time they really did not want to give in, by now they must be
tired to fight. On its own, my skin is healing, soft, no wrinkles. I
forgot to mention than since day 10, I have salt-tasting lips!

I get out of bed at 07h00. At 10 h we go shopping until 13h00. I rest until
14h45 and exercise for 1 hour: bike 15 mins, sauna of 50 mins. I use the electric muscle toner for the trapezoid muscle to make it work artificially. I
will check if it works in 2 weeks. I do this twice a day for 30 mms
morning and night.

Bed time 20h30

PH urine: 5,2 (very light color urine, transparent, no odour. It is
the first time. May be the kidneys have no toxins to eliminate

Blood pressure:11,2/6,7

 April - Day 15 (3rd week)

Very light sleep. I don't know if I dream or think. (The doctor said this was

Wake up : 04h38

Blood pressure:10/6
weight:73kg ( 9 kg lost in 2 weeks )
PH urine:5,4 (urine darker than yesterday night. But clear enough.)

It is now a reality that the skin cancer spots on my hand and arms are
disappearing. The flat mole I had on my leg too. They resisted all this
time. Sometimes they were coming even stronger, they are now giving
up. The lymphoma is the size of an olive and I do not feel it anymore,
only when I focus on it while doing my self-healing meditation .

Wake up 0650. I do the 5 Tibetan rites to activate the chakras.
After the Qi gong, to stretch and stimulate the trapezium muscle.
Shopping from 10h00 to 12h00 Rest and work.
15h00 in the gym for 50 mins -  a sauna and rest. The doctor does not want
me to have any further exercises as all energy must go for healing . I do not
agree with her. I feel that as the body moves a bit more, the blood
will circulate and remove any surviving toxins. All the shit!

Bed time 20h20

PH urine:5,2
Blood pressure:10,2/5,9

The urine at bed time was like last night. Clear and odourless. This
means that the kidneys are clean again.

Wake up 06h37hr

Blood pressure:10/6
PH urine:5,6(urine, dark yellow/orange/quite dark) Normal after a
night lying down.

My sleep was light, hard. Nightmare: I go in my room of my son, someone
had drowned  and a pretty fresco and the room was grey. Suddenly I realize
that I am in another dimension and I am stuck in a very small cupboard
with a brick wall with layers of paint, a toilet with the chain to
flush it. The watertank above. I open the door to get out but it is
blocked by bricks.

I push so hard and go through a jelly like substance to get out. I woke
up. During the night I woke up twice for the loo. Mainly because I am
thirsty. I drink 750 ml every night.

At 10h00 we go shopping until 14h00. I have a live blood analysis. And the blood is clean but has acid uric residues (sugar) which are degrading. My skin shows sign of dehydration. He see that the skin cancer spots are decreasing. They are smaller and smaller. Another test in 5 days. The lymphoma is decreasing .

I rest for few hours and kick myself to go to gym for one hour. I did
not have much energy today. Sauna 42 mins, electrodes for my back muscles.
Rest, guitar meditation and sleep.

Bed time 21:08hr

PH urine:5,4
Blood pressure:10,4/6

5 April – Day 17

Wake up0 7h28
Blood pressure: 10/6
Pulse: 73
PH urine:5,3

Once again, but it is a fact, I do not sleep well. Ultra-light sleep.
Woke up 3 times to pee. It is not a bad experience.
I am not hungry even if sometime I feel like chewing. It is a bit like
the feeling of wanting to smoke. It is only triggered when I see
pictures or smell some odours. Since day 3, I have no special wants or effects.
All seems normal. No euphoria, no migraines. Just thirsty
all the time. I have thirst in my throat.

11h40 gGym for one hour and routine exercises. A bit slower than usual.
Sauna 35 mins and rest until the night.

Bed time 21h18

PH urine:5,3
Blood pressure: 9,9/5,8

6 April- Day 18

Wake up 06h34

Light sleep as usual. Woke up twice to pee.

PH urine: 5,7
weight: 71kg
Blood pressure:10/6
Temp: 34,3

Today is Sunday, dominical rest. I am a bit nauseous and I am dehydrating
a bit. I still have body fat, so I am reassured. The lymphoma is still
decreasing slowly. It is more supple and I do not feel it anymore. A
friend came to see us for lunch. I salivated a bit while they were
eating. So, I left and it went away.

Bed time: 21:48h2r

PH urine:5,5
Blood pressure:10,7/6,3

7 April – Day 19

Wake up: 06h30

Blood pressure:9,6/5,9
PH urine:5,7

Start the day with the 5 Tibetan rites and Qigong. Worked in the
workshop and play guitar. At 14h00 go to gym for 50 mins with anise
rhythms of exercises. I feel very well, I am not hungry and can think
of how I am inventing vegetalian and vegetarian sandwiches for my
business all day long. Sauna for 42 mins and rest and meditation till 20h00,
a bit of TV and sleep.

Bed time: 20h56

weight: 70,6kg
PH urine: 5 ( le plus bas atteint)
Blood pressure:11,1/6,4

8 April – Day 20

Wake up 05h45

I think I have not slept at all. Juse closing my eyes. Turn and turn
and turn - and yawning all night.

Blood pressure:10,1/5,9
PH urine:5,6

I read until 14h00, then sauna for 40 mins. The 40 min sauna is equivalent
to  4km of walking and 1200 calories burned. This is why I maybe lost 600
g/day. I am not hungry and feel better and better.

Bed time 21h40

PH urine :5,3
Blood pressure:10,7/6,1

9 April – Day 21

Wake up: 04h55

Blood pressure:10/6
PH urine:5,6

I slept better. I drank 700 ml during the night and woke up twice to wee.
I even dreamt of my father.

Quiet day today, no gym. Just a bit of shopping. Tomorrow I will kick
my ass to go to gym. I made a vegetarian sandwich for Veronique. I
grilled some brinjals and made a base of cream cheese, grated
cucumber. One slice of whole-wheat bread toasted. It made me so happy
to keep my motivation.

It is not that easy when I can smell of those great smells. Anyway, a
pact is a pact. Mine is ‘It goes or I go’. And it will go. The
lymphoma is smaller and ever more sopple.

Bed time: 20h33
PH urine :5,6
Weight: 69,9kg
Blood pressure: 10,2/5,9
Pulse: 81
Temp: 35,4

10 April – Day 22

Wake up : 6:00

PH urine:5,8
Blood pressure:10,1/6

At 07h00 I do the 5 Tibetan rites, five time each, then Qigong and visit ADL
clients to talk about the way they should eat when they need to lose
weight. At 11h00 an enema and oh surprise, there are is still some excrements. I am so astonished. Not much. It is because I did not do a colon cleanse and I
regret it. 22 days since my last meal and stuff still comes out.
Veronique was so right. The lymphoma is more sopple and getting smaller. One can still see it, but I am not hungry.

I rest until 14h00. I go to gym. I am becoming suppler and suppler. I can
hold the lotus position for a long time. Something that I forgot to
mention is that since the 6th or 7th day I have some pain in my bones. At
night now I sleep with a hot bottle. The warmth is good for me.

Bed time : 21h09

Weight: 70,1kg
PH urine: 5,5
Blood pressure:10,6/6,4

11 April – Day 23

Wake up: 6:50

Blood pressure:10,7/6,1
PH urine :5,9

Another very light night. Drank a lot and woke up 4 times for a pee.
The weight should be taken in the morning, the evening, too much water
in the stomach. My correct weight is the one taken in the morning. It’s OK with
me because I had body fat. If someone is thinner the weight must be
monitored as I do now. I fart a lot! I will do another enema later. I
have said for a while that the skin cancer spots and the wart(s) are dying but
they still fight for survival. Now I can see them getting dryer and dryer. They are the sign ost of my healing. I am more and more motivated. One can't say that 28 days of water fast is enough to remove a cancer and while on the other side you see skin cancer spot still surviving. The lymphoma is still here but so
much softer, but, still here. Now I associate the skin cancer spots
with lymphoma. I do believe they are the same.

The enema still removed some stuff. It’s incredible. At 14h00 I went
shopping for Veronique and to buy vegetables for the day I will break
the fast. I will break the fast on the 17 April.I went to gym, bike and sauna for 30 mins.

Bed time 20h26

PH urine :5,5
weight: 70,2kg
Blood pressure:10,7/6,1

My weight is rising, surely due to the amount of water I have in my

12 April – Day 24

Wake up : 05h44

I slept not too badly but woke up 4 times for a wee. Between 20h00 and
12h30. I still have pain in the bone of my hips. Is it the bed which
is too hard?

Temp: 34,7
Blood pressure:9,5/5,6
PH urine:5,8

At 8.30 h I do the 5 Tibetan rites, followed by an enema. Three  little
turds came out. They were greenish. 1 hour in the floatation tank, 1/2 hour
in the orgon accumulator, then 30 mins ozone. 1 hour of electric pulse for my
shoulder. My shoulder now has really moved back where it should be. I
lift my arm much better. Hope.  I read and rest until 15h00 and went to gym.

Bed time 21:11hr

PH urine:5,5
Blood pressure:10,1/5,9

13 April – Day 25

Wake up 5:52

I still woke up 4 time to drink 750 ml during the night. I had many
dreams so I must have slept.

Weight: 68,8kg
PH urine: 5,7
Blood pressure:10,5/6,1

I think that I did not sleep well but I had dreams so I do sleep.
Tibetan rites, Qigong. Ozone bagging for my cancer spots for 20 mins. I
want those spots to give up. Electro-stimulator again for my shoulder.
I feel that it is working. My shoulder is at the right position
compared to the other one. I lost 2 years with the physiotherapist who
did not want to do it to me. They are such idiots, the lot of them.

Bed time : 22:13hr

PH urine : 5,7
Weight: 69,7kg
Blood pressure:11,5/6,8
Temp: 35,9

14 April -  Day 26

Wake up:06h46h
Blood pressure:10/6
weight: 68,2kg
PH urine :6

Once again I sleep badly. I woke up at 02h00 for a pee. I never fell asleep
again. Since the 20th day my far sight has diminished and I take longer to
make a wee. Is it a general fatigue? (later the doctor explained that even
my sight was going to be better after the fast . The ozone helps the
skin spot to dry. They don't like oxygen. They are so powerfully
resistant to go. It seems that they nourish themselves from the sun.
But now, they are starting to give up, like the lymphoma. 3 days left
to my fast. I went to the airport to drop Veronique’s client. I just did a
bit of Ozone on my arm.

I will not exercise for one month. Today we met, because of Veronique,
a doctor specialized in water fast. Diploma of the Hypocratic Health
Institute, the greatest centre for naturopaths to be educated. She
explained to us that to go off the water fast one has to eat a mono
fruit for 2 days. Portions slightly larger the second or third day. Then
one can mix fruits for 8 days. Then introduce salads and raw
food only on the 10th day. To do this for 3 months.  During the fruit stage
the body carries on healing but only at 75 %, compared to 100% on water fast.
Once one introduces the raw diet the healing is at 40%. The minute one
eats cooked food the healing stops.

Bed time 21h52

PH urine : 5,9
weight: 69,2kg
Blood pressure :11/6,1
Pulse : 63
Temp :36- the temperature starts to be like in the beginning.

15 April – Day 28

Wake up: 6:33hr

I slept much better. I feel so rested. Of course I woke up 4 time but I
could go back to sleep.

Blood pressure:10,2/5,9
PH urine:5,9
weight: 67,9kg

We went shopping and bought some oxygen pills. Yesterday, I was
thirsty every 20 seconds and had to have a sip of water. This has been
like that the whole day until 6h30. Suddenly I felt like salt and
took a pinch of Himalayan salt that I left in my mouth for 5 minutes. I
swallowed slowly and 10 mins later my thirst stopped. I was surely lacking mineral salt.

Veronique had told me to do it before, I was licking some rock salt
every now and then, but stopped for 2 days. Feeling reassured, I go to
sleep. Tomorrow is my last day.

People came to see me as if I was a circus clown. 2 medical doctors came to
witness and understand what I was doing after 27 days of fasting. They
could not believe my strength, peace and inner beauty. They were

Bed time 22:05hr

PH urine :5,6
weight: 68,5kg
Blood pressure:10,3/5,9

16 April -  Day 28 (last day).

Wake up: 06h57

PH urine :5,9
weight :67,9kg
Blood pressure :10/6
Pulse :61
Temp :35,4

The lymphoma is minuscule - as a pea. It is very soft now. It will
surely disappear during the 10 days of fruit diet.
I stayed in bed, lying down until 10h000. The body detoxes between 22h00 to
11h00 in the morning. I did nothing. I was giving my body a real last
chance to dean up the residue.

Bed time :21h35

PH urine : 6
weight :68,6kg
Blood pressure:10,2/6,1
Temp: 35,9

I am not hungry. Not necessary to mention it by now.


20th March

Weight  82 KG
Blood pressure ; 15/9
Pulse : 90
pH urine : 6.8
Temp : 36.4


 To close this adventure, I must say that during those 28 days of
fasting, I have felt better and better every day. While losing weight,
my body removed all toxins. No pain left in the articulation, no
tendonitis, an incredible suppleness, light and open lungs, a new
energy was growing every day - more and more. I never had any side effects
apart from my eyesight, which was getting worse. The Doctor said that
it was normal as toxins were as well removed from my eyes and it would
come back to the point where I would not need glasses. The procedure of
detox is not over yet. I will have to eat fruits for one month (the
healing will then be at 75%) then raw food for 3 months (the healing will then go down to 25%) and the minute I eat cooked food, the healing will stop completely.

During this fast I realized that our eating habits are pathetic nowadays.
Veronique taught me how to chose and prepare my food for the future to
respect and preserve my body and mind. I am totally convinced that long
fast, with a professional , as at Alice Detox, can only create a new life
and heal all diseases. My body showed me that it could repair itself .
With God's help my adventure has been a marvellous time - and I thank my
sister Veronique once more, who has been my inflinging and very precious
support.  I simply love her.

Quick overview:

20th March                                        16 April                      

Weight                82 KG --------------------67.9 KG    Lost 14.3 KG –
Blood pressure     15/9----------------------10/5         Lower, normal
during a fast 
Pulse                   90------------------------61             Lower, normal is 72. 
pH urine              6.8-----------------------5.9            Lower, still acidic
but in hybernation

Temperature       36.4-----------------------35.4          The body is in

Average weight loss:  510 gr/ day


I still eat fruits which I do not mix with anything. I have raw food.
I don't drink wine but only water. I have an energy of a young man. I
am 62 years old. I surf, drive only my bike. Work in my sandwich factory
from 09h00 to 16h0. Come back home, play guitar, enjoy my friends. My morning routine is still the same. Meditation, Tibetan Rites. I listen to My
eternal life album many hours a day.

I do not know what is giving me the drive and energy, but the whole experience is incredible. I took a bit on weight. But it is only muscles.
I look forward to do another short fast of 10 days every 6 months.
Dont forget: ‘if a fast does not cure you, nothing will,’  German